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The structure design and performance analysis of a racing welded steering knuckle

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.009


Jing Chen, Xinyi Shen, Zhicheng Zeng

Corresponding Author

Jing Chen


Steering knuckle as an important safety components of automobiles, in the process of lightweight design, if not taking into account the structure, process and other factors, will inevitably cause the steering knuckle strength and stiffness and other performance reduction, forming a major safety hazard. Based on a four-wheel drive off-road racing car, this paper performs strength analysis and modal analysis of the steering joint after weld analysis, uses multi-body dynamics to break down the hard spot load on the steering joint, and uses the test site test analysis and verification, so as to obtain a good performance steering knuckle.


Steering knuckle; weld analysis; finite element analysis