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Method of Post-Tensioned Box Girder Precast Construction Craft and the Tensioning Process Control Research

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.007


Junping Bian

Corresponding Author

Junping Bian


The construction of prestressed box girder is the main component of bridge construction, which plays the role of gravity sharing and structural integrity protection in the process of bridge construction. With the gradual expansion of the scope of civil construction in China, the prestress problem occupies more and more prominent position in the project analysis, and becomes a benign resource control means. In this paper, combining the concrete situation in the field of civil engineering, this paper takes the theoretical and practical analysis ideas to explore the construction technology of the post-Zhang Fa prestressed box girder in the current bridge engineering construction in China, so as to achieve the purpose of clarifying the construction key points and ensuring the construction quality of the project.


Bridge engineering; Prestressed box girder; Post-tensioned construction; Construction technology