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The Application of Bionic Design on Daily Ceramic Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.004


Zeping Huang

Corresponding Author

Zeping Huang


Bionics is an emerging fringe subject developed based on biological sciences and technical sciences, while bionic design is an emerging fringe subject based on bionics and design. Bionic design involves biology, anthropology, and psychology. In a sense, bionic design is the development and continuation of bionics and the direct presentation of the research results of bionics in many related disciplines, such as science, color science, aesthetics, materials science, morphology, and biology. As one of the fusion methods of human social production activities and nature, bionic design has gradually become a new bright spot in the development of design science. People's aesthetic culture tends to be natural and authentic, and designers must also conform to the aesthetic development of the times, carrying out a new thinking on the design of daily-use ceramics, whether it is life philosophy or aesthetic attitude, it must be more inclined to natural style. The article mainly discusses the application of bionic design in daily ceramic design.


Ceramic design; Bionic design; Modern daily necessities