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A Multi Energy Complementary Energy Collection Device for Railway

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemm.2021.003


Youlong Hua, Jiahui Cui

Corresponding Author

Youlong Hua


High speed railway provides a convenient, fast, safe and economical way for people to travel. In the process of railway operation, there is potential energy that can be reused. Based on daily observation and considering the safety of train operation, the team made full use of vibration, wind and solar energy, applied knowledge and technology of vibration mechanics, aerodynamics and opto-thermodynamics, and integrated them into a multifunctional energy collection device. After the theoretical calculation, flow field simulation and actual detection of track wind energy, the mechanical three-dimensional model with multi energy power generation device and safety protection device as the main body is constructed, and the safe installation distance is calculated and discussed. Secondly, the team designed the connection of the actual circuit and built the miniaturization model by using MCU. Finally, the team estimated the energy that the device could convert through theoretical calculation.The device can be used in special environment of Railway (tunnel, mountain area, non-electrified railway section). In line with the characteristics of convenience, low price, stability and safety, energy is collected and applied from the existing railway environment, which reduces the demand for stringing power supply and saves electric energy. It has broad application prospects.


Multi energy complementary; Boundary layer; Vibration; Composite; Ansys analysis