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Hot compress dredges the meridians and collaterals and avoids adhesive contact with the skin

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DOI: 10.25236/bmmss.2021.013


Xiaodan Li, Jiayu Cao

Corresponding Author

Xiaodan Li


With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to great health, health preservation and traditional Chinese medicine recuperation. As the pace of society accelerates, many new diseases and health problems appear due to the increasing busyness of people and the excessive pressure. For example, the back muscle group fasciitis that often appears because of long-term desk work and invasion by wind cold and damp evil causes, it belongs to the chest back fasciitis muscle injury and muscle adhesion degeneration that form a kind of nerve stimulation pain. Pathologically speaking, it belongs to chronic muscle injury, and its treatment is more complex. There is no so-called magic drug or once-and-for - all surgery. It requires traditional Chinese medicine hot compresses to dredge channels and collaterals, cupping, acupuncture and specific back muscle group training to restore health. There are many problems in the use of traditional hot compress and plaster, including the "fever paste" used in the market. For example, the contact allergic dermatitis caused by "plaster" and "fever paste" will bring trouble to many patients. There are also many problems that are not easy to stick and fall off, which always trouble people. This paper is devoted to the study of the problems existing in hot compress products, as well as the corresponding research on hot compress clothing products of traditional Chinese medicine to solve the problems.


Dredge meridians; Hot compress; Health clothing; TCM