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Construction of Rehabilitation System of Freestyle Skiing Aerials Sports Injury

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DOI: 10.25236/bmmss.2021.010


Ningning Zhao, Jian ZHANG

Corresponding Author



The freestyle skiing Aerials are very stimulating, beautiful and high-tech in sports, which good value for viewing. Therefore, there is a relatively high risk in sports also, and the injury probability in sports of athletes is much higher than that in others. By a variety of investigations and studies, it’s found that athletes' injuries are multiple, and most of the injuries are concentrated in the waist, knee, shoulder, ankle and other parts. The author made a detailed analysis on China's freestyle skiing athletes injury situation in this paper. It is hoped that the paper’s summary and analysis can provide better methods and suggestions to prevent sports injuries China’s freestyle skiing, and effectively reduce the occurrence of injury during exercise, aiming at the injured athletes in sports to set up a healthy body rehabilitation system, it is helpful to promote the higher and farther development of my country's freestyle skiing aerials.


Freestyle skiing aerial skills; Causes of injury during exercise; To construct a rehabilitation system for injuries