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Joint Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infection in Chengdu Chongqing Urban Agglomeration

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DOI: 10.25236/bmmss.2021.006


Menghan Huang

Corresponding Author

Menghan Huang


under the background of the network of urban agglomeration, the population migration flow and traffic flow network with the central metropolis as the core gradually form in the urban agglomeration. The occurrence of major public health events (such as the spread of new coronavirus) is closely related to the distribution of traffic flow and population migration flow in urban agglomerations. The spread and transmission of the virus and the risk level of urban epidemic are affected by the former. Therefore, this paper analyzes the epidemic characteristics of new coronavirus in Chengdu Chongqing urban agglomeration from the perspective of traffic flow and population migration flow, and puts forward some joint prevention and control suggestions from the perspective of urban agglomeration, so as to improve the ability and level of urban agglomeration to cope with major public health emergencies.


Urban management; Urban agglomeration; Traffic flow; Population migration flow; Regional prevention and control