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A New Mechanism for Foxm1 to Enhance the Malignant Phenotype of Lung Cancer Cells: Increasing Egfr Transcription and Activating Egfr Signaling Pathway

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DOI: 10.25236/bmmss.2021.003


Chia-Jui Chen

Corresponding Author

Chia-Jui Chen


Identification as an important regulator of a variety of cancers, especially lung cancer, Forkhead Box M1 (FOXM1) is widely expressed in the recurrence of lung cancer drug resistance. However, the character of FOXM1 in the recurrence of lung cancer resistance still needs further exploration. Here, we explored the genetic expression profile of cells after overexpression of FOXM1. By analyzing differentially expressed mRNA, we found that target genes related to EGFR and its signaling pathway downstream in lung cancer cells are up-regulated, and that the up-regulation is relative to the malignant phenotype of tumor cells induced by FOXM1 overexpression, which is characterized by accelerated cell division and proliferation and promotive sphere formation ability. FOXM1 increases the expression of EGFR and promotes cell proliferation. In terms of mechanism, FOXM1 promotes the expression of EGFR, leading to a promotion in its phosphorylation level, which greatly activates its downstream signal transduction, and finally promotes cell division and growth.


Foxm1; Egfr; Lung cancer; Transcription