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Study on the Relationship between the Fingerprint Characteristics of Shatian Pomelo and Its Pharmacodynamics

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DOI: 10.25236/bmmss.2021.002


Shan Cong, Ying Mao, Chunxue Yu

Corresponding Author

Shan Cong


With the continuous advancement of modern analytical technology and the continuous deepening of the research on the system of traditional Chinese medicine, the quality control technology of traditional Chinese medicine fingerprints has emerged. The so-called fingerprint atlas refers to a chromatogram that can mark the characteristics of a Chinese medicine after a certain Chinese medicine has been properly processed and a certain analysis method is used. Fingerprint has become a hot spot in the quality research of traditional Chinese medicines. It has become a prairie fire in China and has been widely recognized abroad. However, we must be soberly aware that there are still obvious shortcomings and serious defects in the current research on fingerprints, that is, there is a problem of disconnection between fingerprints and drug effects. This is contrary to the original intention of fingerprint research and limits the development and application of fingerprints. The information reflected by the fingerprint must correspond to the drug effect, or it must have a high degree of relevance to the drug effect. This is the problem that this thesis wants to consider and solve. In this thesis, Shatian pomelo, a citrus genus plant in the Rutaceae family, was used as the object, and the fingerprint of Shatian pomelo was constructed, and the pharmacodynamic test of anti-cough and phlegm was carried out to obtain the quantitative characteristics and pharmacodynamic data of the fingerprint. On this basis, the gray correlation analysis method is used to find the corresponding relationship between the spectral effects of Shatian pomelo.


Fingerprint characteristics; Pharmacodynamics study; Shatian pomelo