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Analysis of the Influence of Recycled Aggregate Reference Ratio on the Performance of Recycled Permeable Cement

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.183


Fan Yang

Corresponding Author

Fan Yang


Urbanization and natural disasters have produced a large amount of construction waste. With the development of science and technology, recycled concrete, as a reusable construction waste, has attracted more and more attention. At present, the urbanization process is accelerating, and with the influence of natural disasters such as earthquakes, the amount of construction waste is increasing. China advocates sustainable development and resource reuse, and the reuse of recycled concrete begins to enter people's field of vision and get more and more attention. In order to protect the natural ecological environment and save the earth's resources, it is necessary to effectively utilize solid waste as a resource, so as to achieve the goal of sustainable utilization of building resources. In order to master the characteristics of recycled concrete, it is necessary to study the material properties of recycled concrete. In this paper, how to mix recycled aggregate concrete reasonably to ensure that the mechanical properties of recycled concrete meet the engineering requirements is discussed, so as to achieve the purpose of optimizing the application effect of recycled concrete.


Recycled aggregate; Concrete; Mechanical properties