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On the Construction Technology of Mass Concrete Structure in Civil Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.182


Yongxin Tang

Corresponding Author

Yongxin Tang


The rational application of mass concrete construction technology plays an important basic role in promoting the quality improvement of civil engineering. However, due to the influence of nature, reinforcement and construction technology, mass concrete quality problems frequently occur. Under the background of big data era, building construction technology has developed by leaps and bounds, and mass concrete construction technology has been widely used. However, due to lack of experience, many details need to be further improved. Only by ensuring the stability and safety of mass concrete structures can we lay a foundation for the stability and safety of buildings, so as to ensure that the functionality of buildings will not be affected and they will be more safe after being put into use. This paper mainly discusses the construction technology of mass concrete structure in civil engineering buildings, analyzes the construction problems encountered in it, and puts forward targeted solutions according to the actual situation, so as to effectively improve the quality of civil engineering buildings and promote the sustainable development of the construction industry.


Mass concrete; Civil engineering; Construction technology; Stability