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Research and application of wireless sensor network technology or positioning technology in engineering ship monitoring system

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.181


Xue Jun

Corresponding Author

Xue Jun


This paper takes intelligent water transport as the research direction, studies the positioning technology based on WSN engineering ship monitor system, takes intelligent water transportation as the research direction, takes the Guangxi port and Xijiang river ships and dangerous goods ships as the applied research objects, takes Beidou high precision positioning technology and "Internet plus" technology as the key technologies, so as to solve the problems of ship transportation and safety monitoring and improve the port. Aiming at the efficiency of shipping supervision and the prevention of passenger and freight traffic accidents on water, this paper focuses on the realization of intelligent monitoring and management of ship basin transportation, safety warning management of dangerous goods ships and ferry safety monitoring and management.


WSN; ship transportation; Beidou high precision; positioning and monitoring