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A Research on Airport Taxi Dispatching Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.179


Huafeng Li, Lunyi Guo

Corresponding Author

Huafeng Li


In this paper, taxi drivers are considered as “in-game players”, “delivering taxi drivers directly” and “waiting for passengers” as two strategy sets. The taxi driver's maximum revenue is the target payment function, and the evolution is established according to the revenue matrix Game theory model. Analyze and calculate based on whether the airport participates in management, the number of taxis in the "storage pool" during the period, and the number of outbound passengers during the period. Under the influence of three factors, three stable points (1, 1), (0, 0), and (1, 0) were obtained. Taxi drivers make their choices based on actual factors. Evaluate the impact of various factors on the taxi driver's judgment, put forward the principle of the five-scale method, and combine the improved analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to calculate the index weights of each influencing factor, and let it be rented under the condition that the number of taxis in the "car pool" has the largest weight The driver's choice is to leave directly.


Evolutionary games; five-scale method; improved hierarchy analysis; queuing theory; multi-point parallel service model