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A Study on the Interest of Cartoon Based on the Example of the Quick Temper and the Slow Coach in Doraemon

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.077


Yue Lin

Corresponding Author

Yue Lin


Art brings people a certain amount of fun, cartoon is also a type of art, people appreciate art has a certain reflection, the interest in cartoon is one of the reflections of appreciating art, it is particularly important to explore the interest of cartoon. Based on the case study of Doraemon, which is a classic Japanese cartoon, this paper analyzes and studies the interest of cartoon through its painting background, story and style. It is found that most of cartoons are mainly based on humor, satire and current affairs, which affect people's interest in cartoons in terms of form, action, situation, language, technique and character, so as to attract people's experience in cartoons.


Fun, cartoon, form, technique, character