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On the Penetration of Multimedia and Network Technology into Piano Teaching and Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.203


Tong Wang

Corresponding Author

Tong Wang


With the continuous innovation of social multimedia and network technology, it has brought great impact to the traditional piano teaching mode and method. In the current vocal music teaching in colleges and universities, piano education and teaching has been widely concerned by teachers and welcomed by students. The piano teaching and performance based on multimedia and network application fully realized the in-depth innovation of classroom teaching and the development of educational teaching mode, which not only ensured the effective creation of a good atmosphere in classroom teaching, but also broke through the shackles of traditional classroom teaching, enriched the knowledge system of classroom teaching, and laid the foundation for the continuous improvement of piano teaching level. Therefore, if we want to improve the effect of piano teaching and performance in colleges and universities, piano educators must make greater efforts to promote the application of multimedia and network technology in the actual classroom teaching process.


Multimedia; Network technology; Piano teaching; give an instrumental performance