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How to carry out Happy Physical Education in Higher Vocational Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.196


Wenlong Cheng

Corresponding Author

Wenlong Cheng


with the continuous development of social economy, people's material life is becoming more and more rich, at the same time, the demand for spiritual culture is also more and more urgent. As the main body of spiritual culture, education has been widely concerned by all walks of life. The traditional teaching mode is changing to quality education, and higher vocational education should be in the forefront of reform. Integrating the concept and elements of "Happy Sports" into the existing physical education in higher vocational colleges will undoubtedly bring many challenges to the development of the front-line physical education. We should constantly sum up experience in practice, actively explore how to make full use of the connection between "Happy Sports" and higher vocational physical education in the actual work process, improve the quality of classroom teaching, and enable students to form a good habit of lifelong exercise. From the perspective of happy sports, this paper examines the physical education teaching in higher vocational colleges, analyzes the application effect and influence of happy sports in practical teaching, and puts forward suggestions for the integration of the two.


Higher Vocational Physical Education; teaching practice; happy sports