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Research on Higher Vocational Physical Education Based on the cultivation of employability

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DOI: 10.25236/acaelt.2020.195


Wenlong Cheng

Corresponding Author

Wenlong Cheng


with the development of education, the quality of the whole people is improving day by day, and the number of people who can enjoy higher education is also increasing. The students cultivated in higher vocational colleges mainly focus on the development of vocational skills, mainly serving the front-line jobs. In the face of increasingly fierce social competition, employment pressure is also increasing. If you want to stand out among many job seekers, you need to constantly improve your comprehensive quality. Physical education teaching is also an important part of higher vocational education, we must give full play to its educational role, on the basis of a strong physique, to play the role of cultivating students' employability. This paper studies the influence of physical education on students' employment, and explores how to improve students' employability and promote the overall development of students' comprehensive quality in Higher Vocational Physical Education.


Higher vocational colleges; physical education; employability