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Research on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Bacterial Liver Abscess

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.044


Xilong Zhang, Bing Lu

Corresponding Author

Bing Lu


Objective: clarify the diagnosis and treatment experience of bacterial liver abscess. Methods: conduct retrospective analysis on 40 cases of bacterial liver abscess admitted to the hospital from January 2020 to September 2020. Results: biliary tract obstruction and pyogenic cholangitis are the main causes of the disease. Chills, high fever, hepatalgia and leukocytosis are the main clinical manifestations of this disease. Early diagnosis and adequate drainage are the key to cure the disease. Conclusion: bacterial liver abscess is a common disease, and the first choice for auxiliary examination is B-scan ultrasonography. MSCT examination can make a definite diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment can be adopted for scattered multiple bacterial liver abscesses with definite diagnosis, short onset time, mild poisoning symptoms, and abscess diameter less than 3cm. Interventional treatment for large abscess stage lesions can achieve good clinical results.


Bacterial liver abscess; diagnosis; drainage; effect