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A study on the Relationship between Simple Single Umbilical Artery and Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.038


Liu Hui, Liu Jinqiao, Hu Yuan

Corresponding Author

Liu Hui


By analyzing the obstetric clinical cases of single artery (SUA), the clinical diagnosis and management of single artery can be further improved. In this method, 37 single time artery cases which were removed and diagnosed in our hospital were analyzed retrospectively. 37 cases were randomly selected as the control between the cases of pregnancy complicated and the cases of non single umbilical artery. Prenatal ultrasound, S / D ratio changes of fetal heart rate and electronic monitoring results: 37 cases of single artery were found in 1.7,93 delivery, the incidence was 0.23%. Among them, the incidence of single artery was 61.86% in 24 cases and 33.14% in 13 cases. 32 cases were examined by ultrasound before birth, the diagnostic coincidence rate was 90.62%, 8 cases of birth defect was 21.62%. The birth rate was 21.62%, 28 cases were diagnosed before birth, chromosome abnormality was 3.57%, premature delivery was 1.2%, perinatal mortality was 3.8%, perinatal mortality was 8.10%, FGR, fetal distress, S / D ratio increased abnormally. The electronic monitoring of abnormal fetal heart rate was significantly higher than that of non single artery. Conclusion: the mortality of single umbilical artery is higher in birth defects, FGR, fetal distress, premature delivery and perinatal period. Most fetuses with single umbilical artery have good results. In prenatal ultrasound examination, it was found that the fetal system should be carefully examined due to the abnormal morphology and structure of single artery. In the case of continued pregnancy, dynamic monitoring is needed to strengthen the monitoring of fetal intrauterine development.


Obstetrics; Fetus; Single Umbilical Artery; Clinical Analysis