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Causes and Prevention of Sports Injury in Physical Fitness Training of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.036


Liu Xudong

Corresponding Author

Liu Xudong


With the progress of society and the development of economy, more and more people have more professional requirements and more scientific methods for physical training. In order to complete every physical activity, physical training is an essential physical exercise activity, it can not only improve your muscle endurance but also improve your cardiopulmonary function, so that you can exercise more. College students in our country also often carry out physical training, but due to various subjective and objective factors, the physical training of college students will often appear sports injury problems. This paper analyzes the causes of sports injury in college students' skill training, and gives the corresponding preventive measures.


College Students; Physical Training; Sports Injury; Causes; Preventive Measures