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Study on the Fermentation Mechanism of Pu'er Tea Fermentation High Temperature Bacteria in the Solid Fermentation Process of Pu'er Tea

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.032


Chunhua Zhang, Jiye Qiang, Hongping Man, Zhilin Jiang, Yuanyan Zhao, Zhiguo Shan

Corresponding Author

Zhiguo Shan


Tea is a unique fully fermented tea, its fermentation can not be separated from the role of microorganisms, microorganisms in the process of Pu'er tea fermentation dynamic changes in Pu'er tea quality plays an important role. Therefore, this paper reviews the micro-organisms in the process of pu'er tea one turn, second turn, third turn, four turn and pile, aiming to provide the relevant theoretical basis for the development of Pu'er tea microbial fermentation agent and Pu'er tea industry.


Pu'er Tea; Solid Fermentation; Fermentation Mechanism; Microorganisms