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Comparison of the Effects of Progressive Multifocal Lens and Single-Light Glasses and Rigid Permeability Corneal Contact Lens on the Progression of Juvenile Myopia

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.021


Zhenghong Zhou, Sheng Mao, Xianglin Wei, Lei Gong

Corresponding Author

Lei Gong


Objective: To compare the effects of progressive multifocal lens and single-light glasses and rigid breathable corneal contact lens on the progression of juvenile myopia. Methods :90 cases of myopic adolescents in our hospital (February 2018 to March 2019) were randomly divided into three groups, which were given progressive multifocal lens, single-light glasses, rigid breathable corneal contact lens to correct squarely, and to measure and compare the ocular biological parameters of the patients. RESULTS: Before correction, the parameters of ocular biology were P>0.05 in the three groups. After one year of follow-up, all the three groups showed an increasing trend of equivalent diopter and gradually increased diopter in the polyfocal group (-0.52±0.34) D, increase in diopter of monophores (-2.66±0.75) increased diopter in the D, rigid breathable corneal contact lens group (-0.45±0.52) D, three groups, P<0.05.Conclusion: compared with single-light glasses, progressive multifocal lens can delay the growth of myopia in patients with implicit oblique, and rigid permeability corneal contact lens can effectively delay the progress of myopia, but both methods can not prevent the progress of myopia.


Progressive Multifocal Lens; Monophores; Rigid Breathable Corneal Contact Lens; Juvenile; Myopia