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Application of Genotype and Environment Interaction in Crop Breeding

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.019


Xiaoxia Shu, Tingting Su, Mingsen Xu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxia Shu


Crop breeding is the key step of crop quality production, so it is of great practical significance to discuss the concrete development of crop breeding. From the current specific data analysis, crop breeding should not only emphasize the use of experience, but also emphasize the application of science and technology, so in the process of crop breeding, based on the current stage of biological theory to adopt advanced technology, the results of breeding will be more ideal. From the specific planting of crops, its growth is affected by genes and also restricted by environmental factors, so it is necessary to consider the genetic and environmental factors in the process of breeding. This paper analyzes the application of genotype and environment interaction in crop breeding in order to provide help and guidance for current breeding.


Genotype; Environment; Crop Breeding