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Cultivation, Development and Utilization of Bupleurum Based on Ribosomal Its Sequence

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.017


Xin YIN, Zhijie Zhou, Qianxin Xue, Zibo Hao, Guangwei Mang

Corresponding Author



The protoplasts of Bupleurum angustifolia were fused with grape protoplasts after being irradiated with 240 μ W/ cm2 ultraviolet rays for 0 ,1 ,2 and 3min. The phenotypes, isozymes, chromosomes and 5S rDNA spacer sequences of 10 single cell clones regenerated by fusion were analyzed. The results showed that 10 different IT S sequences were detected in the germplasm resources of Bupleurum chinense DC., which ranged in size from 625 BP to 626 BP, with 99.18% sequence identity, 99.04% similarity with the ITS sequence of Bupleurum chinense DC., and the genetic distance was 0.036. All these indicated that the genetic differences of ITS sequences between artificially cultivated and wild Bupleurum chinense DC. were small and the genetic relationship was close.


Its sequence; Bupleurum; Cultivation