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Investigation of Memory Storage Conversion Focusing Hippocampus

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.015


Jiayou Xu

Corresponding Author

Jiayou Xu


The data showed that the concentration of 2-thioalkylpentandioic acid in the brain cells of the mice increased significantly. Glutamate is involved in most aspects of normal brain function, but synaptic plasticity plays a major role in memory formation. Encryption specificity is an advanced theory that explains memory recovery as a process of encrypting and retrieving memories in the context of a situation. According to this two-stage theory, the memory recall initially involves retrieving information from a storage location and later includes verifying the authenticity of the retrieved information. Many areas of the brain are involved in memory restoration, but LTP is the best studied form and the one most closely associated with memory storage in mammals. Synaptic plasticity therefore continues to play a central role in the study of neuronal memory mechanisms and is therefore at the centre of the current discussion.


Hippocampus; Encryption; Wireless sensor networks; Intelligent workshop