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Water Purification by Ion Exchange Resin

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.010


Lifan Yue

Corresponding Author

Lifan Yue


Ion exchange resin is a kind of artificial polymer contains different functional groups that are able to remove cations or anions dissolved in water, according to the type. After a series of pre-treatment, including general processes like screening, coagulation, precipitation, and sterilization, the water could reach the standard of drinking water. Ion exchange resin, like this kind of artificial polymer, could substitute ions to produce water at very high purity. This paper introduces the structure and function of ion exchange resin and its industrial usage. To further increase the efficiency and regenerate the resin while working, the combination of ion exchange and electro dialysis(EDI) has the advantages of both of them.


Water purification; Ion exchange resin; Electro deionization