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Advances in Research of Dinoflagellates-lysing Bacteria and its Application Prospect in Aquaculture Ponds

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DOI: 10.25236/icmbmm.2018.61


Guoliang Wen, Shasha Li, Xiaojuan Hu, Yu Xu, Yucheng Cao

Corresponding Author

Yucheng Cao


The basic research on dinoflagellates-lysing bacteria and the development of its preparation technology have important scientific and application values in the fields of aquaculture and water environment. The paper systematically analyzes the isolation methods and algae-lysing mechanism of dinoflagellates-lysing bacteria, as well as its application prospect in ponds and urgent technical problems to be solved, aiming to provide scientific reference for further research and development of dinoflagellates-lysing bacteria preparations which can be used in ponds for environmental control.


Dinoflagellates-Lysing Bacteria, Screening, Algae-Lysing Effect, Pond.