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Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine Efficacy Marker Based on System of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.007


Sun Chen

Corresponding Author

Sun Chen


In recent years, systemic Chinese medicine has been widely used in current pharmacological research, such as network pharmacology, system pharmacology, and integrated pharmacology, which has greatly promoted the development and improvement of system science theory. During the research process, we can see that the system of Chinese medicine focuses more on system-based thinking to recognize Chinese medicine issues from a new perspective, including the quality control of Chinese medicine, the overall efficacy of Chinese medicine, the theory of Chinese medicine properties, and the ratio of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, so Promote the development of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine. This article takes the study of efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine as the starting point, explores the scientific connotation of efficacy markers of traditional Chinese medicine based on systematic theories and methods of traditional Chinese medicine, and chooses scientific and reasonable methods of finding traditional Chinese medicine efficacy markers based on systematic traditional Chinese medicine to determine effective traditional Chinese medicine efficacy markers.


Systematic traditional chinese medicine; Tcm efficacy markers; Application