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Application of Protein Chemistry in Biomedical Research

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.004


Junxian He

Corresponding Author

Junxian He


Application of protein chemistry in biomedical researchAt present, with the completion of human genome sequence sketch, human beings have entered the post-genome era from genome project, and the genome sequencing of many model organisms has been basically completed. Chemical proteomics is the latest development of chemical biology in the post-genome era. Chemical proteomics is a new generation of functional proteomics, which uses small chemical molecules as tools and means to detect in vivo proteomics with a new strategy based on the function of target proteins. The strategy of protein analysis, the principle of protein chip analysis based on array, the related preparation methods and detection technologies, and their applications in biological research, medicine and experimental diagnosis were described.


Protein chemistry; Biomedicine; Array