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Advanced Application of Bioinformatics in Gut Microbiota

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DOI: 10.25236/medsbe.2020.003


Zhanqing Hua

Corresponding Author

Zhanqing Hua


The changes of the intestinal microbiota are closely related to animal health. Intestinal microbiota can regulate energy metabolism and heterologous material metabolism, repair cells, and improve immune function. Metagenomics can be used to detect the dynamic changes of intestinal microflora in animals. Human gastrointestinal tract is inhabited by large and complex microorganisms, which is closely related to human health and disease. Analyzing intestinal microorganisms by using metagenomics technology can reveal the relationship between intestinal microorganisms and their hosts at a higher level. This paper summarizes the research progress of metagenomics in the field of intestinal microorganisms. Exhibition and Its Function in the Treatment of Diseases.


Intestinal microorganisms; Intestinal metagenome; Biological information; Microbial imbalance