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Research on Pronunciation Training in Suzuki Violin Teaching Method Based on Balance Principle

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.073


Lin Wang

Corresponding Author

Lin Wang


The beautiful figure, attractive sound, difficult skills and rich expressive force of violin deserve to be called the Queen of Western musical instruments. Every piano learner wants to get a loud, pure and beautiful voice, but he often sees many students whose pronunciation is dry and dim. The pronunciation training in Suzuki violin course is based on Suzuki's educational philosophy and basic music education principles, combined with the actual characteristics of violin playing and violin teaching, and aiming at the misunderstandings and disadvantages of pronunciation problems in today's violin teaching. Therefore, this paper studies violin playing based on the balance principle, summarizes three aspects of pronunciation training in teaching materials, and analyzes each aspect's advancement one by one. The purpose is to have a deeper understanding of teaching materials and try to establish a new concept of pronunciation training.


Balance Principle, Suzuki Violin, Pronunciation Training