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Research on Multi-objective of Physical Education Curriculum by Diversified Physical Education Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.072


Yangyang Luo

Corresponding Author

Yangyang Luo


The main mission of higher education is to train high-level talents through knowledge operation, and cultivate students' self-reliance and humanistic spirit through learning different disciplines. The past physical education teaching model can no longer meet the requirements of cultivating cross-century high-quality creative talents. At present, there are some problems in the evaluation of physical education in colleges and universities in China. Under the requirement of implementing quality education in an all-round way and combining students' physical and mental characteristics, physical education class should create a diversified teaching mode that conforms to modern educational theory and lifelong physical education thought. Based on the idea of lifelong physical education, pedagogy and psychology, this paper establishes a multi-level and multi-objective physical education teaching mode, aiming to explore a new mode of physical education teaching in Colleges and universities and improve the teaching effect of physical education. Based on the analysis of the lagging status and main problems of the evaluation system of physical education learning in Colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the assumption of the evaluation system of College Students' physical education learning..


Physical Education Teaching Mode, Multi-Objective, Diversification