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Analysis of Basketball Training Strategy Based on the Perspective of Confrontation in Sports Field

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.070


Shici Weng

Corresponding Author

Shici Weng


In the basketball game, athletes need to complete the comprehensive contest of body, technique and tactics in order to win the game. Because basketball is competitive and cooperative, it is loved by teachers and students. At the same time, basketball plays a significant role in improving students' physical fitness, regulating students' emotions, and cultivating students' self-control ability and unity and cooperation ability, which is also beneficial to the cultivation of students' lifelong sports consciousness. Today, the overall level of sports teaching theory in China has been greatly improved, and basketball teaching theory has also followed the pace of the development of the times, from the perfection of theoretical knowledge to the teaching practice. This paper analyzes the formation rules of basketball skills from the perspective of confrontation in sports field, and expounds the training strategies of basketball skills, including the training of cooperation consciousness and physical quality.


Sports Field, Confrontation, Basketball Training, Strategy