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Research on Physical Education Moral Education Resources and the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.067


Huaidong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Huaidong Zhao


Ideological and political education plays an important role in higher education and is an important part of higher education. Physical education class can not only strengthen students' physique, but also strengthen their soul, so that they can accept the cultivation of emotion, the training of will, the promotion of morality and the cultivation of aesthetics in the process of exercise. The rich moral education resources in college physical education are an important direction in college education reform, and the integration of physical education curriculum and moral education has further deepened college education. Carrying out "curriculum ideological and political education" in physical education can carry out ideological education to students from all aspects, so as to comprehensively improve students' ideological quality and physical quality. The conflict between the characteristics of Ideological and political course and the particularity of acquisition subject makes the effectiveness of Ideological and political course teaching not strong. The development and application of sports moral education resources provides the possibility and feasibility for enriching and optimizing the teaching content of Ideological and political course.


Ideological and Political Education, Physical Education, Moral Education