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Research on the Cultivation Method of Creative Thinking in Writing Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.066


Lijun Yun

Corresponding Author

Lijun Yun


I have been engaged in writing teaching in colleges and universities for many years, and found that many of my works lack new ideas, which is due to the lack of creative thinking. Cultivating students' thinking ability, especially creative thinking ability, is one of the important factors to improve writing level. The process of producing articles is the process that certain social materials move the writers' minds and transform them. Writing teaching can be said to be a good carrier for cultivating students' creative thinking ability. In college writing teaching, teachers consciously cultivate and inspire students' creative thinking is an effective way to guide students to get rid of the shadow of examination oriented education in middle school. Both image thinking and logical thinking need a kind of creative thinking. As an important basic course in Colleges and universities, writing has incomparable advantages in cultivating students' innovative thinking ability and effectively improving their writing level.


Creative Thinking, Writing Teaching, Colleges and Universities