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Feasibility Study on Swimming Training Camp for Chinese Youth Based on Psychological Training

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.065


Peng Mu, Kun Zhang

Corresponding Author

Kun Zhang


Competitive sports powers attach great importance to the development of their own superior events. With the continuous development of domestic market economy, more and more attention is paid to sports competition. Nowadays, the competition in sports field is not only the competition of athletes' physical quality, technology and tactics, but also the competition of psychological ability. At present, psychological training is paid more and more attention in adult training, and the level of athletes' psychological training has a more and more significant impact on competition results, while the training in adolescence is the basic training stage of athletes, which plays an important role in future success. Under the guidance of state administration, how to encourage social forces to participate, integrate social resources, cooperate with the construction of swimming training bases, establish youth swimming training camps with Chinese characteristics, and strengthen the physical and psychological training of young athletes has become an urgent problem to be solved in amateur swimming training in China..


Psychological Training, Swimming Training, Teenagers