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Research on the Implementation Method of Task-driven Teaching Method in Computer Teaching Based on Computational Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.064


Yurong Li

Corresponding Author

Yurong Li


Computer teaching based on computational thinking is a brand-new teaching mode which is quite different from traditional computer teaching. It will be a further attempt to use network resources to carry out computer teaching in task-driven classroom teaching mode. The application of university computer task-driven teaching mode based on computational thinking can improve the teaching efficiency of university computer course and students' computer ability, and fully embody the teaching idea of taking teachers as the leading factor and students as the main body. It is believed that computational thinking should be a basic skill of human beings, not just a theory in the computer field. In the near future, computational thinking will become a reality like proctor's calculation, which will play an important role in the progress of science. This paper introduces the basic concept of task-based teaching method, analyzes its application in computer teaching based on Computational Thinking, and points out that task-based teaching method can stimulate students' enthusiasm and initiative, thus greatly improving the teaching efficiency of university computer.


Computational Thinking, Computer Teaching, Task-Driven Teaching