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Information Visualization Interactive Design for the Core Needs of Users

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.063


Lin Li

Corresponding Author

Lin Li


After the Internet era, the amount of information brought by big data has increased exponentially, and how to spread information effectively has become a hot spot of current research. As an important means of information dissemination, information visualization has become the mainstream way to disseminate complex data and abstract information. Information visualization can select, deform and replace data, find a matching and easy-to-understand visual form, and use natural interactive methods to help people get effective information. Information visualization transforms data into visual form and provides a good interactive experience, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of "thinking with vision". Compared with text, visualization uses the fast perception ability of visual channel to improve the efficiency of people's observation, recognition and processing information. Based on this, this paper discusses the concept of information visualization, and analyzes how to apply information visualization to the interaction design facing the core needs of users, so as to provide users with a good interactive experience.


Big Data, Information Visualization, Interactive Design, Visual