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Polyphonic Music Creation Based on Performance Art

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.062


Xiaogguang Jia

Corresponding Author

Xiaogguang Jia


Polyphonic music creation techniques are based on imitation and contrast. Due to the development of music theory, the use of contrast techniques is more flexible and varied. Polyphonic thinking is a complex thinking with multiple levels, lines and multiplicity. The art of playing requires not only the virtuosity of the performer, but also the sincere emotion, and the emotion is reflected by the musical language situation, the performance situation and the artistic effect. The music life of contemporary human beings basically exists in the way that creation, performance (playing, singing) and appreciation are interrelated and interact with each other. Based on the performance art, this paper discusses the application of polyphonic music in music works through some specific creative techniques.


Performance Art, Polyphonic Music, Creation