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Research on the Development Mode of Mass Badminton Based on Core Strength Training

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.058


Ligang Feng

Corresponding Author

Ligang Feng


Badminton is a sport that combines competition and entertainment. There are no strict requirements on the gender, age and physical health of the participants. Therefore, badminton has been widely welcomed and loved by the people. However, at present, the development of mass badminton in China is not satisfactory, especially its over-emphasis on competition and insufficient participation, which are the reasons that restrict the promotion of mass badminton. Based on the perspective of core strength training, this paper analyzes the current popularity of badminton among the masses in China, and then explores the problems and shortcomings faced by the mass badminton in China. Then, aiming at the above problems, it puts forward corresponding countermeasures to promote the development and popularization of mass badminton in China.


Core Strength Training, Mass Character, Badminton, Pattern Conception