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Application of Multimodal Teaching Theory in Online English Translation Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.057


Meiqi Ding

Corresponding Author

Meiqi Ding


As an important part of college English teaching, translation teaching has not received enough attention in college English teaching for a long time, and there are many shortcomings. Translation is not only a skill, but also a science, which can not be mastered naturally after learning a certain level. Translation class plays an important and indispensable role in college English teaching. Applying multimodal teaching theory to online English translation teaching is helpful to improve students' comprehensive language application ability, text understanding ability and cross-cultural literacy. Translation teaching is an important part of the teaching process of College English majors. The introduction and application of multimodal teaching theory can undoubtedly create support conditions for the actual translation teaching process to obtain the best effect. This paper will briefly discuss the application of multimodal teaching theory in online English translation teaching..


Translation Teaching, Multimodal Teaching, Cross-Cultural Accomplishment