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The Characteristics of College Students' Interpersonal Relationship and the Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Education After the Age of Self Media

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.054


Yue He

Corresponding Author

Yue He


With the further development of network media in China, self media has become an important figure of information communication. At present, self media has the characteristics of privatization and generalization, while college students have relatively strong ability to accept new things. Therefore, within the scope of college students, self-Media has been effectively promoted. Students can use self-Media to grasp the current events in society, and can also learn information such as postgraduate entrance examination and professional knowledge. However, due to the social function of self media, the social way and interpersonal relationship of contemporary college students have also changed. These changes will also have a certain impact on the ideological and political education in Colleges and universities. Therefore, it is of great significance for the development of higher education in China to study the characteristics of College Students' interpersonal relationship and the Countermeasures of Ideological and political education in the post-95 media era.


Self Media, Post-95, College Students, Interpersonal Relationship, Ideological and Political Education