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On the Training of Modern Apprenticeship Talents in Hotel Management Under the Concept of Technical Skills Accumulation

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.053


Wei Wang

Corresponding Author

Wei Wang


The main educational goal of vocational colleges is to cultivate technical and technical talents who can adapt to the social environment and promote social development. In the process of adopting the modern apprenticeship system, the guiding role of the concept of technical skills accumulation should be brought into play, which can effectively solve the problems encountered in personnel training. Vocational colleges adopt the mode of school enterprise cooperation to carry out interactive training, so that students can have the opportunity to enter the professional related work post directly in the process of learning, which is not only conducive to students' in-depth understanding of professional knowledge, but also to improve their overall professional quality, so that students can adapt to the post environment as soon as possible after graduation. This paper focuses on the research of modern apprenticeship training strategy of hotel management under the concept of technical skills accumulation.


Concept of Technical Skills Accumulation, Hotel Management, Modern, Apprenticeship, Talent Training