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On the Ideological and Political Education of Ethnic Minority Students in Higher Vocational Colleges From the Perspective of Precise Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.046


Dan Zhao, Yangbing Jia

Corresponding Author

Yangbing Jia


Ideological and political education is one of the important tasks of Higher Vocational Colleges in China. In the ideological and political education of Higher Vocational Colleges from the perspective of precise ideological and political education, the existing problems of Ideological and political education of ethnic minority students are exposed. China has always been a multi-ethnic country, and the living standards and ideological education of ethnic minorities directly affect the unity and stability of our society. Due to the differences of cultural customs, ideological concepts and religious beliefs, ethnic minorities require us to carry out targeted ideological and political education in line with the requirements of social development process, promote exchanges and integration among ethnic groups, and build a socialist ideological and political education system with Chinese characteristics under the guidance of the concept of precise ideological and political education and based on the actual situation of ethnic minorities.


Precise Ideological and Political Education, Vocational Colleges, Minority Students, Ideological and Political Education, Problems and Countermeasures