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The Application of Management Psychology Theory in the Construction of University Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.038


Cheng Chen

Corresponding Author

Cheng Chen


In order to improve the overall quality of the teaching staff, it is necessary to improve the quality of teachers. It is hoped that management psychology can be effectively applied to fully understand teachers' psychological demands, and then effective strategies can be adopted to stimulate teachers' work enthusiasm, mobilize their subjective initiative, and tap their potential creativity, so as to achieve the goal of building high-quality teachers in Colleges and universities. Management psychology mainly aims at in-depth analysis and Research on the psychological activities of leaders, groups and individuals in the team. In the process of building a teaching team in Colleges and universities, the effective application of the relevant concepts of management informatics can give full play to the application value of the main body of teachers, stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers, consciously enhance their own quality, and effectively manage themselves Norms and constraints. Therefore, the research content of management psychology is divided into four aspects: individual, group, leadership and organization. This paper briefly expounds the specific methods and key significance of the application of management psychology theory in the construction of University Teachers' team, which provides important reference for promoting the construction of University Teachers' team.


Management Psychology, Teacher Quality, Application