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The Enlightenment and Practice of Zeng Guofan's Thought of Moral Education on Moral Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.035


Ziyin Li

Corresponding Author

Ziyin Li


Zeng Guofan's education thought has a deep influence on the development of our country's education industry, which emphasizes to enhance moral cognition, experience moral will, deepen moral emotion, etc., which is in line with the current education concept of "moral education people", which has certain reference value for the reform of moral education in Colleges and universities. In this paper, we will start from the Enlightenment of Zeng Guofan's thought of moral education on high-efficiency moral education, and analyze its specific use to promote the smooth development of high-efficiency moral education.


Zeng Guofan, Moral Education Thought, University Morality, Enlightenment, Practice, Research