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Research on Expressiveness of Excellent Aerobics Athletes Based on Resource-Based Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.033


Xiaoyan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Zhao


The so-called expressive force is the ability to express one's inner thoughts and emotions through one's conditioned organs and to infect others. Aerobics, as a unity of health and beauty, its expressive force has independent significance, which is a silent body language. Resource-based learning is a new educational thought and mode. Its teaching design should follow the basic principles of aerobics athletes' autonomous learning, teachers' help, cooperative learning and teaching objectives. Based on resource-based learning, this paper discusses the factors that affect the expressiveness of aerobics athletes, studies the training methods to improve the expressiveness of aerobics athletes in our country, and creates a composite training method for expressiveness of face, limbs, movements and personalities. The aim is to provide theoretical and practical basis for the performance training of aerobics athletes in China.


Resource-Based Learning, Aerobics Athletes, Expressiveness, Study