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A Discussion on the College English Wisdom Flipping Classroom on WeChat Public Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.032


Feng Wu, Shaohai Huang

Corresponding Author

Feng Wu


Flipping classroom is a new teaching mode. in the process of teaching college English wisdom flipping classroom, students change their learning role and become masters of learning by actively exploring knowledge and giving full play to their own main role, while teachers become good teachers and friends in students' lives. By guiding students to learn classroom content, ultimately promote the overall development of students. Educators should keep up with the development of the times, carry out English teaching with the help of WeChat public platform, effectively make up for the shortcomings in the traditional teaching system of our country, and improve the quality and efficiency of college English classroom teaching. WeChat is the social software that college students use more frequently at present, many students will chat in WeChat, based on the public platform of WeChat college students English wisdom flipping classroom learning, can strengthen the interaction and communication between students, but also enable teachers to master the learning dynamics of students, and ultimately improve the quality of teaching. This paper discusses the college English wisdom flipping classroom teaching on the WeChat public platform, hoping to bring some opinions to everyone.


WeChat Public Platform, College English, Smart Flipping Class