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Study on the Method of Promoting Parent-Child Relationship in Building Family Style

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.029


Wang Tao

Corresponding Author

Wang Tao


For teaching, learning teaching is a very important part of teaching, because effective learning teaching can improve students' learning ability, help them expand their learning surface and improve their literary literacy. But to achieve this goal is not easy, because half of the students are not interested in learning, and only limited classroom teaching time can not play a good effect. Therefore, in view of this situation, parents and schools should adopt cooperative strategies to help students to carry out learning activities in an all-round way. We all know that the cultivation of learning ability is not accomplished overnight, which is a process that needs long-term accumulation. After this process, students' learning and teaching effect will be greatly improved, thus laying a solid foundation for students' future development.


Home Style Construction, Parent-Child Relationship, Method Research