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Research on the Application of Basic Principles of Civil Law in Intellectual Property Law

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.027


Fu Limei

Corresponding Author

Fu Limei


With the continuous development of the society, people's living standard and education level are continuously improving, and the public awareness of intellectual property protection is increasingly awakening. Intellectual property rights generally refer to some organizations or individuals who have exclusive rights to their intellectual labor achievements. This right can bring related benefits to the creditor. In order to avoid plagiarism and theft, legislative protection is needed. The basic principles established in the "General Principles of Civil Law" are the basic principles of our private law and the highest principles of private law that our intellectual property law must follow. The basic principles of civil law have also become the highest code of conduct for citizens in all private law activities. China's intellectual property law should also apply the basic principles of civil law. This article will discuss the application of basic principles of civil law in intellectual property law.


Basic Principles of Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, Application